The Vermont S.16 Law

Allowing medical patients to grow at home and select a dispensary

Cultivate Your Own

Home cultivators can continue to possess 7 immature and two flowering plants. Clones can be purchased through CVD or SVW, up to 7 per 30 day cycle. In addition, cultivators will be allowed to purchase up to 2oz of product from a dispensary as long as their total possession limit of cannabis does not exceed 2oz. In order to do so, you will have to designate a single dispensary from which to purchase your cannabis.

Why Select a Dispensary?

Designating a dispensary gives you the peace of mind that you will always have a source of cannabis for your symptom relief: when you are getting your garden started, are in between harvests or lost supply due to crop failure. Dispensaries offer strain variety; we have learned from our patients that multiple strains are needed to cover the range of symptoms being addressed. Finally, dispensaries offer you the opportunity to try a whole range of infused products and concentrates that you may not be able to create at home.

Grow With Us

We’d really like to be your dispensary of choice so thought we’d share some of the benefits of selecting us as your local dispensary.

  • Largest selection of products in the state
  • Knowledgeable, friendly staff able to assist the cannabis naive to the cannaseur
  • Most appointments available in the state, open 7 days/wk, Sundays coming soon to SVW!
  • Statewide delivery for only $5, free on orders above $250
  • All infused products formulated and lab tested for consistent dosing
  • O.penVAPE cartridges and batteries: The industry leader in vape technology
  • We were the first to sell clones!
  • Widest Range of hemp-derived CBD products in Vermont
  • Lab services: We offer potency testing for your home harvests
  • High quality, non-toxic concentrates…Distillates coming soon!

Become a Vermont Medical Marijuana Patient

To designate us as your dispensary, you must do so through the Vermont Marijuana Registry.