Pre-order online for SVW Middlebury Dispensary

*IMPORTANT NOTICE: Effective 3/16/20 we have new protocols with appointments and home delivery. Please click here for more information.
Please note: the program we use to track your rewards points and house our online menu, Baker, has updated their software and changed their name to Blackbird.
You will be able to place online orders once after you have set up an account with Blackbird. Click here for helpful step-by-step instructions on setting up an account.

Blackbird is a more secure system, and you will be required to upload two forms of ID in order to set up an account – the best way to do this is take a photo of your VMR ID and license. We also recommend using the same phone number previously used so that your Baker rewards points carry over to Blackbird. If you require assistance, our dispensary staff can lend you a hand at your appointment. Please allow for a little extra time at your appointment if you need help.