Payment Information

Paying for Your Medicine

Both dispensaries accept cash and debit cards for payment. Unfortunately, insurance does not cover the cost of medical marijuana in Vermont.

Qualification for Financial Assistance Application

We are offering a simplified enrollment criteria based on the State of Vermont’s 3SquaresVT program. You must provide to us a copy of your 3SquaresVT qualification along with a new application form to be enrolled in our Discount Program, once your Card has expired to be re-enrolled for our existing patients under financial assistance.

Program Benefits

• Once your application is approved, discounts will be available immediately. 
• Eligible patients will receive a 10% discount on flower and 7.5% discount on infused products, concentrates and vape.
• Automatic annual recertification upon renewal of Vermont Marijuana Registration.

Please Note:

• The new Financial Assistance Program is effective July 1st, 2019
• Patients currently enrolled will immediately start receiving 10% / 7.5%.
• Patients now receiving a 15% discount on flower will continue to until the expiration of their current VMR card. At that time,they will be automatically transitioned to the new annual rate.
• FAA discounts can not be combined with other discounts, including bulk purchasing.